Sea Cadets of Lithuania in SSA "Divytis"



We aimed to involve non-organizational youth in our activities by mobilizing project funding for this purposes:

  • In 2022, a 16-day kayak and amphibious boat trip on the rivers Žeimena and Nėris (260 km) was implemented, including non-organizational youth.
  • A 5-day training sailing catamaran in Kaunas Lagoon was completed.
  • 6-day summer camp in Paaluonys.
  • 8-day camp near Kaunas lagoon, Rumšiškės.
NOTE: Due to the limitations of Covid, as in 2020, with the received funding, the fully prepared autumn 5-day Autumn Camp for Cadets for 45 participants in Klaipeda was not implemented.

We aim to preserve our pier in 2022 by reorganizing the infrastructure on the Kaunas Lagoon Peninsula.

We participate in various support campaigns for Ukraine. In particular, we plan to contribute to the non-formal education of Ukrainian children, e.g. Kulautuva Basic School.

We are initiating the International Association of Maritime Cadets to remove the sea cadets (young sailors) of the aggressor and the occupying Russia from its members.

International Sea Cadet Association - ISCA

The International Sea Cadet Association, in the following referred to as the ISCA, is a voluntary association of independent Sea Cadet Corps or corresponding organizations, committed to common concepts and goals, and wishing to share ideas and information, and, to the best of their ability, to engage in cadet exchanges and to provide mutual support in order to promote the benefits of Sea Cadet training world-wide.

The ISCA was formally constituted on 29 October 1994 by the signing of these Articles by representatives of each of the founding ISCA Member Organisations.

The purposes of the ISCA are to:

  • Promote international and intercultural understanding, goodwill, and friendship among young people who have an interest in nautical activities;
  • promote the exchange of Sea Cadets between member organizations on an official basis;
  • provide a forum for the exchange of information and ideas about member organizations and youth exchanges;
  • encourage the formation of organizations based on the Sea Cadet concept world-wide, promote their joining the ISCA, and resist membership by militant or politically motivated groups;
  • provide member organizations with non-monetary support for fundraising for youth exchange-related activities; and,provide a platform from which the image and ethos of the International Sea Cadet movement can be promoted worldwide.


After we renewed the activities of the Lithuanian Sea Scouts in 1989 and expanded them, already in 1992 our activities focused on the defense and development of the country became known in our country's maritime and military institutions and education system. The country’s recovering Navy, with which we have been in active and warm contact, has offered us cooperation with the International Association of Naval Cadets (ISCA). Our very responsible and appropriate co-operation for 7-10 years, mainly with Swedish and later Dutch naval cadets, has resulted in the Lithuanian Maritime Scout being the only one of the several non-governmental youth organizations in the Baltics to offer, almost unanimously in 2005 was admitted to the International Maritime Cadet Organization (ISCA).

      Later, the annual international exchange with the Swedish Marine Cadet Corps continued and intensified, both in their events and later in the annual International Marine Cadet Competition in Sweden. For many years, the Swedish naval cadets also took part in our international sailing "Kaunas - Klaipeda". There were also reciprocal exchanges with Dutch naval cadets. We are very grateful to the corps of naval cadets in these countries, especially Sweden, for their open cooperation. To the modest capacity of our organization, we have attended or organized our representation at several ISCA conferences. After inviting representatives from Sweden, we have organized the presentation of ISCA in the Seimas Commission for Maritime and Fisheries Affairs, Ministry of National Defense, but unfortunately we have not received more specific support for our activities.

      Our activities were significantly weakened after the closure of the Kaunas Sea Scouts Leisure Center, supported by the Kaunas City Municipality Administration, in 2014: sea boats were lost and had access to Kaunas Lagoon Pier, etc. But after that, the Marine Scout Divytis reorganized, separated itself from any budgetary organizations, updated its training base and seeks to expand and strengthen its activities.


          The activities of sea cadets in our sea scout movement have been carried out in various ways. Since 2016, the crew of our sea cadets operating in the Lithuanian Association of Sea Scouts Divytis has changed its status, the Crew Regulations, established the symbolism, opened a bank account and updated the composition of the crew. There are now two age levels for marine cadets: up to 14 years old and from 14 years old and older.

          Currently, we use our newly built rowing / sailing sea boats like "Optimist", sailing catamaran (yacht), kayaks to train sea cadets. Lithuanian Higher Maritime School, other maritime institutions, Klaipėda University, communication with the Naval and National Volunteer Forces, the Border Guard Service, Klaipėda Port Authority are happy to allow us to use our training base.

Traditional maritime cadet events

  • Annual Marine Cadet Summer Camp or Crew Stand at National Camp and Weekend Camp During School Time.
  • Training trips, including multi-day ones, by sea boat, sailing catamaran, kayaking.
  • Sailing theories, first aid and other non-navigational training, including for the military.
  • Practical survival course for the young scout "Young Intelligence".
  • Other monthly Crew activities.

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The headmaster

Algimantas Malkevičius
Email: algimantas.malkevicius@gmai.com
Phone: +37067638179

International relations coordinator

Klaudijus Kiela
Email: klaudijus.kiela1@gmail.com
Phone: +37064583951

Crew Practical Maritime Trainer

Liutauras Grybauskas
Email: liutka2@gmail.com
Phone: +37069582473